Autumn Week 18 – Mediterranean, Mexican and Moroccan meal plan

autumn meal planning - flexitarian - semi vegetarian meal plans

Autumn Week 18 – Mediterranean, Mexican and Moroccan meal plan

And suddenly, it is the week that was! The weekend is on the horizon, and it is almost time to get another grocery delivery from the good people at Your Grocer – (get $20 off your first order with this link: I can’t wait to try a whole new week of flavours. This week was delicious.

Spicy baked salmon recipe with cauliflower couscous

spicy baked salmon recipe from CSIRO low carb diet recipe book

This recipe was the Moroccan connection. The flavours are zesty and fresh, and the fish makes a nice hit of protein for a little meat for a change. You can find this recipe here on Vital Sustenance.

It was something else!

Crispy baked tacos with spiced cauliflower

This is the second time I have cooked this recipe, and to be honest, it never disappoints. The spiced cauliflower and refried beans with melted cheese, tomato and avo is to die for!

I chose the recipe because I had some smaller corn tortillas that needed to be used, but it really was a Mexican taste sensation.

Find the recipe on She Likes Food here. 

Mediterranean Baked Sweet Potatoes

The best was definitely last this week, with this amazing combination of zesty, rich flavours, that scream healthy autumn eating. It was definitely flavoursome, and was really easy to cook. I loved it!

You can get the recipe on the Minimalist Baker here.

Lunch recipes

I am still getting through the backlog of lunch recipes from previous weeks. This week I cooked the lentil soup, and I must say I agree. It is one of the best soups I have ever eaten.

This weekend I might delve into one of my planned lunch recipes for this week.

Carrot, Tomato & Coconut Soup

It does look delicious. Nothing nicer than coconut milk in a warming autumn soup. And it is the season!

Get the recipe from Green Kitchen Stories here. 

Snacks this week!

My snacks this week were a mix of low fat cheese on ryvitas, protein bars (sometimes used to up the protein content of a meal), high protein Chobani Greek yoghurt with a drizzling of coconut syrup, the best ever hummos – Monjay Mezza with pita bread and a boiled egg.

See you soon!

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