Autumn Week 21 – surprisingly good food and zesty flavours

late autumn meal plans - with chard, pumpkin, cabbage, potato, broccolini and ramen

Autumn Week 21 – surprisingly good food and zesty flavours

Week 21 already! Can you believe it? This has been the most interesting year so far! What a world!

Tonight as I was cooking dinner I was thinking about my niece Teeny, hehe. I have two nieces Teeny and Tiny, hehe. They are the most beautiful people in the world, I think. They make me think about how the world is really built with LOVE. We might make some questionable decisions as a world, about the chances of vulnerable and marginalised people, but when you think of your family, I bet that the love that shines through makes you feel all squishy inside, and that is us! That is mammalian humans. We love, and it is a beautiful thing. World.

In my case, I got my love of cooking from my Dad and him from his Mum, I think. My Dad doesn’t really love me very much, or at least he doesn’t know how to keep a conversation going, but these genes flow through to Teeny. She loves to cook too. I hope that one day, she will have a beautiful house of her own, and she will be at the stove cooking a lovely meal for herself or for her family. Cooking is love too, and it is fun!

Without further ado, the recipes for week 21 – autumn (in the southern hemisphere).

Crispy-skin salmon with herb and cashew ‘butter’

There is no recipe for this dinner. I got it from the CSIRO – low carb diet book (2017 edition). It is stunning – make no mistake, but it is in a recipe book and not available online. I cook this quite often. It is one of my faves.

I substituted zucchini for the asparagus (spring), and peanut butter for the cashew butter, but otherwise cooked as directed.

Cabbage and coconut curry

coconut and cabbage curry from kerala - delicious

This is another one of my faves. But the recipe is available for this one! It is stunning in a different way. The spices and flavours are so rich and flavoursome. Every night that I eat this, I am transported to the beach side state of Kerala in India. It is amazing! I love the flavours of the curry leaves and mustard seeds with the cabbage and potato. So nice.

The recipe is available on Ceres Fair Food website.

“Cromlet” with Wilted Greens and Fennel and Olive Salad

autumn cromlet recipe with wilted greens and fennel salad

My goodness! I don’t have enough good things to say about this beautiful meal. It really was a taste sensation. And so easy to cook. I was amazed at how such a wonderful combination of flavours could come together on my plate to delight all of my senses. Five stars!!

You can get the recipe on Epicurious here. 

Black-Eyed Peas With Chard and Green Herb Smash

Seriously though! These Epicurious guys really know what they are doing! I would perhaps recommend thinking ahead and cooking some brown rice to go with this meal, but even without, the flavours are sensational. The bean stew is something, and the herb smash is SOMETHING ELSE!

It is a stunning autumn meal that comes highly recommended. And it is easy and quick to cook too!

Find the recipe on Epicurious here. 


Spicy Thai-style pumpkin and mushroom ramen

thai pumpkin and mushroom ramen for an autumn lunch

It was really nice! I made this soup on Thursday as I chatted with my Mum on the phone and it came together quite quickly. Or at least, not too long for a relaxed Thursday lunch. It also made three generous servings, so it was well worth the effort. Nice flavours!

Find the recipe here on Cooking for Keeps.


My snacks this week were a tub of basil pesto that I had with Salada biscuits with some light tasty cheese, as well as a nice Thai chilli dip that I had with Ryvitas and a couple of boiled eggs.

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