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smiling sarah sitting in the park - my health zest about usHello!

Welcome to My Health Zest, a little corner of the world obsessed with food and health.

I am dedicated to evidence-based research and to consistently moving towards the inimitable value of good health. And via science communication on this blog, I want to bring you along with me for the journey.

One of my biggest passions is scouring the literature and interweb for recipes that can nourish different people with a diverse range of dietary needs.

My latest role in nutrition sees me providing cooking and meal-planning services for NDIS participants. This is something that I am very passionate about. I would love to bring healthy, budget-friendly, tasty meals to those who would not normally be able to access this kind of nourishment.

I believe that the way we source and consume food can have profound impacts on our environment, and have a particular interest in food security and ethical cookery.

Get in touch if you would like to collaborate. Or if you want some help with meal-planning for your dietary needs.

All the best for a long and happy life!



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