Falafel Place – Collingwood – tasty vegetarian take away

falafel place collingwood falafel wrap

Falafel Place – Collingwood – tasty vegetarian take away

The thing that I love ‘most’ about my neighbourhood is the nice range of quality and healthful eateries that are on the high street. One of my favourites is Falafel Place. I usually go there at least once a week. I pretty much always have the same thing – a falafel pita wrap with all the sauces (tahini, chilli, and mango). Have all the sauces!! It is so delicious and I never get tired of it.

It is a very simple concept, but they do it exceptionally well. There are a few different things on the Falafel Place menu, and they are all good. And the price is great. $10 for a falafel pita wrap that makes me squirm with deliciousness every time I eat it, is very good value I think!

Their falafel wraps are the perfect weekday lunch, but they are also open for dinner. You can order extras such as tabouli, fried cauliflower, halloumi, and hummus.

The people that work there and run the shop are nice too. They are all friendly.

It goes to show how something simple, done well, can have a big impact in a little suburb such as Collingwood. It is always buzzing in the lunch hour, and they are doing well, I hope.

I love it.

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