vitamin D deficiency – fatigue and aching bones

vitamin D deficiency from not enough sunlight - sunrise on the coast

vitamin D deficiency – fatigue and aching bones

Have you ever had your Vitamin D levels checked? Vitamin D is a very important fat soluble vitamin. It can protect you from a whole host of diseases, from cancer to heart disease. A vitamin D deficiency can cause fatigue, bone aches, muscle aches and depression.

I am not saying that Vitamin D is definitely the cause of your fatigue. But it might be worth investigating. It is very common to be deficient in this important vitamin. If you get your levels checked and find that you are deficient, you can buy Bioceuticals liquid D3 in Australia. I bought the extra strong formula today and it cost me $29-. You only need one drop per day and the bottle stays good for two years so it is very good value.

Maximum effect after three months

Of course if you are deficient in a vitamin and you begin to supplement it, or to increase your intake in food, it takes time for your levels to reach an adequate level. You will notice some difference after a month, more of a difference after two months and a maximum difference after three months.

I am taking it because I was extremely deficient in vitamin D a few years ago when I was living on the coast. And I can’t imagine that the situation has improved much since I have been living in Melbourne.

You need about 15 minutes of direct sunlight on your body per day to get the right levels of vitamin D. However, you might need more if you have darker skin because the pigmentation reduces the vitamin D absorption. You might also need more vitamin D if you are overweight or obese, because vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin and your fat stores act like a sink. Obviously, it can be hard for the average person to get enough vitamin D in winter. Especially, because most of your skin is covered up and does not get adequate sunlight. The further you live from the equator the more of an issue vitamin D deficiency can be.

You can also get some vitamin D from fatty fish and milk products. So if you don’t eat dairy or much fish, then you might need to supplement this vitamin.

Vitamin D deficiency common cause of fatigue

I am hoping that supplementing might reduce fatigue. It doesn’t seem right to me that if my sleep is shortened by even an hour on occasion, I spend the day absolutely exhausted and unable to concentrate. It is not normal, I think. And I was hunting for something that might be causing it. Vitamin D deficiency jumped out at me. Hopefully it will work! I can’t guarantee that it will work for you, but if you have unexplained fatigue or aching bones or muscles, a vitamin D deficiency might be worth investigating.

Whether or not you have symptoms of vitamin D deficiency, it is a good one to check and stay on top of, because it can protect you from serious diseases such as various forms of cancer, heart disease and osteoporosis.

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