17 calcium rich foods and delicious recipes to increase your calcium intake

chia seeds - calcium rich foods

17 calcium rich foods and delicious recipes to increase your calcium intake

During our lifespan, our needs for calcium changes. Up to the age of our mid twenties, it is important to eat at least 1300 mg of calcium a day, because up until this time we are accumulating calcium in our bones, that will need to last us our lives.

After menopause and for everyone after the age of 70, we lose calcium at a faster rate (thus why it is so important to accumulate it at a young age, and so we need 1300 mg of calcium a day.

Age and life stage Recommended dietary intake of calcium (mg/day)
Babies 0–6 months – breastfed approx. 210 mg
Babies 0–6 months – formula fed approx. 350 mg
Babies 7–12 months 270 mg
Children 1–3 years 500 mg
Children 4–8 years 700 mg
Children 9–11 years 1,000 mg
Adolescents 12–18 years (including pregnant and breastfeeding young women) 1,300 mg
Women 19–50 (including pregnant and breastfeeding women) 1,000 mg
Women 51–70 1,300 mg
Men 19–70 1,000 mg
Adults over 70 1,300 mg


Calcium rich foods in a dairy free diet

It is possible to get enough calcium in a dairy free diet. There are a plethora of dairy free foods that will supply your daily needs. Please find following a list of some common foods with their calcium content.

Fresh produce

Kale 180 – 250mg per cup
Bok choy 160 mg per 1 cup
Figs 120 mg per 1/2 cup
Broccoli, fresh, cooked 60 mg per cup
Orange 60 mg per orange/td>
Artichoke  55 mg per small artichoke
Dried Apricots 35 mg per 1/2 cup


Nuts and seeds and plant milks

Fortified plant milk (oat milk, soy milk, almond milk, etc) 300 mg per cup
Tempeh 215 mg per cup
Chia seeds 180 mg per tbsp
Soybeans, cooked 175 mg per cup
Tahini 130 mg per 2 tbsp
Almond butter 85 mg per 2 tbsp
Adzuki Beans 66 mg per 100 g
Seasame seeds 35 mg per 1/2 cup



Sardines, canned with bones 380 mg per 100 g
Canned salmon with bones 200 mg per 100g


Recipes to increase your intake of calcium rich foods


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