Would you like pesticides with that?

coffee cup at the mangroves, nicotine withdrawal

Would you like pesticides with that?

Has anyone ever told you that out of all the food and beverage products that you should try to buy organic, coffee is one of the most important?!? The reason for this is that when they are growing coffee, they absolutely douse it with different chemicals, and you guessed it, all these chemicals inevitably end up in your humble cup of coffee.

If you buy organic, you get a better quality, more sustainable, ethical and chemical free cup of coffee. It is easy to notice the difference if you are used to drinking organic, and this is probably true for any kind of organic produce.

I usually drink organic, free trade Peruvian coffee, and when I am travelling I notice the difference when I drink cafe coffee. Sure! Perhaps it is tastier than plunger coffee. We are turning into a generation of coffee snobs! ‘I must have espresso’ hehe, but afterwards it feels like someone literally poured a cup of pesticides into my veins!

Do you know this feeling? Dirty food and beverages, compared to clean? I read an interesting article the other day about a Monsanto representative who suggested in an interview that Roundup, the pesticide on a lot of our fruits and vegetables is completely safe for humans. He dismissed the recent study that found that an ingredient in Roundup is directly related to cancer in humans and went so far to suggest that it is safe to drink.

The interviewer pressed him on this point. Asking him again if he would drink a glass of it. He said it was completely safe, until she said ‘we have a glass of roundup here, would you like to drink it?’ The Monsanto rep back pedalled and ended up saying ‘no, I am not an idiot’ and did not drink it, but it was rather amusing 🙂

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