Swimming laps as meditation and exercise

swimming laps at the pool - Pambula Beach aquatic centre

Swimming laps as meditation and exercise

Swimming laps is great for your body. It is not as rough on your joints as running can be. And it is good for building both strength and for getting a cardio workout. It can also help with lung capacity.

Spring is a great time to get excited about exercise. The sunshine is great for everybody’s mood, and when it comes out, it is delightful to get out and get active.

It is important to choose forms of exercise that you enjoy and to mix it up, so you don’t get bored.

Swimming laps as meditation

I love swimming. I have a tendency to get addicted to the meditative state that can come from swimming laps in a lovely pool. It is a great opportunity to unwind and relax as well as getting some exercise.

It can also be very slimming. I am going to take my measurements tomorrow, to get a baseline. It can be good to do this, so that when whatever you are doing is WORKING, it inspires you to keep going.

So many pools in the city are heated, so that if you get into a habit with it, you can swim all year round.

Strength and cardio exercise

Running is also good, but it can be pretty hard on the body. I need to do some more pilates and other strength based training, to build up some strength, before I start a regular running program. Swimming is also a great way to build strength, as you have to work against the friction of the water to propel your body through the water.

I have the choice of two pools nearby me,. The one I went to this morning, was through my favourite running park. It is so rejuvenating to fill your soul with green space.

running park on the way to swimming laps

What are your favourite leisure / exercise activities this spring?

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