Sensory memory of winter red wine – the changing of the clocks

sensory memory winter red wine coronas 2020

Sensory memory of winter red wine – the changing of the clocks

Another nice thing about eating (or drinking) according to the seasons is the intense sensory memory association of different flavours with different times of the year. This week I have switched from white wine to red wine, as I do every year when Daylight Savings ends.

There are clear reasons why drinking red wine is much better for your health than white wine. For one clear example, the amount of antioxidants in red wine is vastly improved in red wine over white wine. Red wine has 215 mg of antioxidants per 100 ml, whereas white wine has barely anything. Red wine also contains resveratrol, which is thought to be good for heart health.

Sensory memory of different flavours

However, one of the reasons why I don’t want to drink red wine in all seasons is because the intensely pleasurable experience of those first few evenings with a glass or two of red reminds me of all the wonderful and fun winter experiences that I have spent in this beautiful city. That kind of sensory memory marks the year and makes winter a wonderland.

I also think there might be something valuable in recommitting to farmer’s markets around the seasons and developing meal plans that use ingredients from the season. Like I started to do last winter. I think that it will enhance the experience of each unique and distinct season, and highlight the different activities and celebrations that go with each one.

What foods and drink do you associate with the cooler seasons – autumn and winter? What are your favourite memories from winters past?

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