low sugar fruits for healthier smoothies

low sugar fruits for smoothies

low sugar fruits for healthier smoothies

One thing that I have noticed about drinking green smoothies is that they can have an effect on your blood sugar levels. I presume this is from all the available fructose that is present when you blend fruit for your green smoothie. There is some evidence that there is more sugar in a cup of apple or orange juice than if you eat the piece of fruit whole.

However, this may not be as pronounced when you blend the fruit rather than juicing it. Because the fibre from the fruit stays in the drink.

Low sugar fruits for your green smoothie

If you are wanting to cut down on sugar, but you still want to drink fruit or green smoothies, I am thinking that it might be useful for you to know which fruits are the lowest in sugar and which are high in sugar and you should avoid.

Berries, such as raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and strawberries are quite low in sugar. Even though they taste deliciously sweet. They are also a great addition to smoothies.

Granny Smith apples – those with the light, green skin are also low in sugar. They can be eaten on a low sugar diet.

Other low sugar fruits that you might not consider for a smoothie, but are good to have on your list are avocados and grapefruit. Limes and lemons do not contain very much sugar. And neither does rhubarb, however, I can’t imagine using it in a smoothie.

High sugar fruits to avoid in smoothies

So what fruits should you avoid? Bananas are actually one of the highest sugar containing fruits. So it might be a good idea to avoid adding bananas to your smoothies if you are concerned about sugar intake. Other fruits to avoid are cherries, grapes, figs, mangoes and tangerines. And less so, but still with fairly high sugar content – oranges, kiwi-fruit, pineapple and plums.

Something else that is good to know with regard to sugar content, is that dried fruit such as raisins, sultanas, dried apricots, or dried cranberries is very high in sugar.

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