liver cleansing smoothie

parsley plant for liver cleansing smoothie

liver cleansing smoothie

parsley plant for liver cleansing smoothieThere is a juice recipe in the Liver Cleansing Diet book, that combines, celery, carrot and parsley. (1)

I wanted to try and convert this into a smoothie to take advantage of the fibre that is retained in a smoothie as opposed to in a juice form, where the fibre is removed.

Although juice is very easily digested, and the nutrients are assimilated more readily, I think there is a lot of sense in eating more fibre whenever possible.

This smoothie would be a good fit, if you are trying to eliminate candida albicans from your stomach, and therefore not eating fruit or other forms of sugar.

field of lettuces growingIt still contains four big handfuls of greens, which provide so much of those cleansing properties. Leafy greens are probably the most important part of any diet, so this recipe is a bit of an adaptation of the liver cleansing recipe in that it mixes the carrot, celery and parsley with spinach, kale, cos lettuce, or rocket to get your daily dose of green foods.

Here is the recipe:

You will need:

2 handfuls each of either rocket, lettuce, spinach, kale or other greens.

2 glasses of water

2 stems of celery

carrots for liver cleansing smoothie1 – 2 carrots

handful of parsley

juice of half a lemon.


Blend greens and water on low until a rich, smooth green colour. This breaks down the cell walls of the cellulose in the greens and makes it easier to digest.

Chop the celery and carrot and add to the concoction, blend on high.

Add the washed handful of parsley and juice of lemon and blend again.

Drink the first glass with a tablespoon of psyllium, then continue to drink the rest of the juice, starting with two glasses if you are not used to green smoothies, or three or more glasses if you are used to green smoothies.

The results:

I know that this is a good liver cleansing smoothie, because I am starting to get a headache, which means that toxins are being released, and I can feel the good it is doing on the inside.

It is not as sweet as the delicious smoothies with three servings of fruit, but sometimes the gorgeous spring fruits such as pineapple and papaya seem too tasty to put in a blender, and they can be eaten as a fruit salad for brunch, when you need something after the smoothie, thus getting the total benefit of the fibre of the fruit, and the filling aspect of eating it whole, as well as the satisfying taste of whole pieces of fruit in a fruit salad.

I plan to rotate this smoothie recipe with the classic glowing green smoothie, to give my liver a good cleanse.


1. Dr Sandra Cabot. The Liver Cleansing Diet. 1996. WHAS. Paddington.

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