Lentil as Anything – Abbotsford Convent

lentil - abbotsford

Lentil as Anything – Abbotsford Convent

One of the best things about friends is that they often introduce you to new and different experiences. This was my first thought when I was greeted with the leafy, beautiful environs of the Abbotsford Convent today. My friend suggested that we meet at Lentil as Anything for lunch.

It is a not for profit organisation that provides food to people who may not have the means to pay, and jobs to those in need. When you eat at Lentil, you basically contribute as much as you can, to allow other people to eat for reduced prices or free.

lentil as anything - abbotsford convent

It really is the most amazing organisation. The queues were out the door and round the corner for the whole hour or so that we were there. It is obviously very popular. I hope that people give back for the experience.

The food is superb. They do such a good job. Today was a Japanese themed day, and they served a delicious Japanese salad, Japanese curry, rice and a chickpea and pumpkin salad. They also had polenta, but I avoided that.

Delicious vegetarian food

It was wholesome, and incredibly tasty food and my friend and I were so impressed. The atmosphere is also really nice. We will be back.

My ears always prick up when I hear about another social enterprise that is doing good in the community and Lentil as Anything is certainly doing that. It is inspiring and amazing 🙂

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