hypnic jerk and vitamin B12

nerve cells - vitamin B12?

hypnic jerk and vitamin B12

nerve cells - vitamin B12?

I am wondering if those strange nightly disturbances might be vitamin B12 as well as magnesium.

Interestingly, it was a search on this site (or to this site – I am not sure), that I think might have the answer to those strange night disturbances.

It will be interesting to research the interaction between vitamin B12 and magnesium, but a few weeks ago, as this sort of ‘nervous shudder’ crossed my body and into my head. I thought ‘It is a nervous thing!’. And promptly forgot, and tried to consistently supplement magnesium (for the spasms)!

Now I am wondering if the ‘tingling’ sometimes in my hands and feet and the night ‘nervous’ phenomena, might be vitamin B12. It is not as though I eat *alot of meat.

For a better analysis of hypnic jerks please see this page:

What do you think? The most obvious solution is to eat meat. But Kimberly Snyder did say in her book, that her vegan friends will need to supplement vitamin B12. I have these cool ones you put under your tongue to help with absorption and also some activated B complex from the friendly nutritionist / doctor.

It will be good!

half a dozen eggsA local naturopath friend of mine also said that vitamin B12 is also in eggs and apricots, but my aforementioned doctor /nutritionist said that is not true! hehe

Have a great day xxo

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