Human battery juice

glass juice with bonsai

Human battery juice

On my way out to grab some lunch, I saw something that made me think about us. Are we human batteries? I guess that we kind of are like batteries in a way since we do run out of juice eventually.

In the past, I have had some strange delusions about the fact that maybe we could live FOREVER! I am not absolutely sure how the longevity or telomere project is going, but as far as I know, people are still dying from old age, among other things, unfortunately.

The battery packet on the street made me think about food and how it is our fuel or our juice. We are very predictable humans. We need to eat and sleep regularly and our bodily functions kind of do operate like a machine of sorts.

We are human machines! With flesh and blood, and feelings, which animals have too and thoughts. It is true that if we didn’t have thoughts then we would have not perhaps made these technological machines that we love so much today!

As humans, we are more delicate and fragile than machines. We need our fuel. So it is so nice that we have so many amazing places to fuel up (at least in many places in Australia)!

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