healthy asian spring rolls

rolled up asian spring rolls

healthy asian spring rolls

So lunch today is very exciting! Have you ever made fresh spring rolls out of the Vietnamese round rice papers, before? I never have!! It was so much fun! So satisfying to roll everything up in a little package, and soooo tasty!!

rice paper with asian salad and avocado

It is always fun to try something new, and this recipe is another addition to the vegetarian lunch options that I have been looking for. It seems like the perfect lunch to take to work, or at least to eat quite often, since it is light and full of flavour!!

This recipe was part of the Beauty Detox blogging group. Sexy Summer Spring Rolls – Kimberly Snyder.

I experimented with the filling and decided that the asian flavours salad I wrote earlier, was the best, with avocado and capsicum to add even more flavour.

salad of cabbage, mint, coriander, bean sprouts and carrot


5 rice paper rounds (preferably brown rice paper, but white if you can’t find any)

1/4 avocado

10 tablespoons of asian leaf salad (see link) without chicken or fish sauce in the dressing

slices of capsicum


Make asian leaf salad according to directions in recipe.

Soak rice paper rounds in lukewarm water for 15 seconds then spread evenly on a clean tea towel. Then transfer to a serving plate.

Add filling ingredients in a log shape in the middle of the rice paper round.

Fold the sides of the rice paper first then roll the ingredients to create a spring roll.

rolled up asian spring rolls

Enjoy!! I made a dipping sauce mixing tamari with sweet chilli sauce and wasabi, but it hardly needs it – the tangy salad is flavoursome enough!!

spring rolls in rice paper


It really doesn’t take very long to make. You can make the salad ahead of time and use it throughout the week, and the spring rolls take about 10 minutes if that to prepare.

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