French cheese course – before dessert

french cheese course, trio cheese platter after dinner - french culture

French cheese course – before dessert

Have you ever been to a restaurant and been offered a French cheese course before dessert? It is a tradition that comes from France. The French believe that cheese should be eaten with every meal. Indeed, they produce 400 varieties of cheese at last count. They love it!

A French cheese course is a nice way to finish a meal, because you will consume less cheese (less calories) than if you ate the cheese before the meal. After dinner, you will not be as hungry, and you can enjoy small amounts of cheese. It can be a lovely accompaniment to any wine that is left from dinner.

Adding experience to your meal

A cheese course clears your palate and extends the experience of the dinner course, which would be completely obliterated by a sweet dessert course.

For someone who very rarely eats dessert, it can be nice to finish the meal with a small amount of cheese sometimes.

Here in Australia, a lovely cup of tea is considered dessert in many circles.

You might want to try a French cheese course though, on a special occasion. Bon appetite!

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