Complete proteins for dinner and breakfast (for my body)

tofu and papaya salad at uniq 821 on smith street collingwood

Complete proteins for dinner and breakfast (for my body)

Flexitarian is the term I would choose as well. Tonight, I was out with some friends at the Golden Gate Hotel in South Melbourne. I had checked out the menu beforehand and thought that I was going to order the eggplant parmigiana. However, when I thought about it, I realised that eggplant parmigiana does not have very much PROTEIN in it.

I think it is true that every body is different. ‘We all need to find out what WORKS for us’ – Athol C.

So truuuue!

For me, in particular, , , I like to eat protein for breakfast and protein for dinner. . . not so phased about lunch – I am ok with a veggie rich dish and no complete proteins, ,, but if I don’t have an egg for breakfast, I do get HUNGRY during the day, and if I don’t eat some form of complete protein AT NIGTH, I find it difficult to sleep properly.

So, while I am a flexitarian, I am always scanning the menu for vegetarian options that DO have a complete protein. And, I am sorry to say, that despite the appearances, , , eggplant parmigiana does not!

Vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals, but they do not contain a lot of protein. So, while we need to fill our plates with MOSTLY vegetables, you may benefit from a complete protein with your meal.

. . .

I ended up eating a halloumi Caesar salad. I ordered it because I was discussing this ‘complete’ protein thing with my friends, and, a friend suggested the halloumi with blackberries and something else, which I was thinking I could eat with a green salad. However, when I went to the bar to order it, the cashier asked if I wanted a Caesar salad with halloumi or halloumi with green salad. I considered this for a moment, and realised that that the Caesar would come with an egg. . . So, that was the GOOO.

It also had bacon, which I was not expecting, ops! However, it was still tasty.

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This is my photo, but it is not of the Caeser salad I mentioned earlier, it is a picture of a tofu and papaya salad, which was, YES – vegan!


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