Coffee and calcium

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Coffee and calcium

Pet topic: how on earth do you get enough calcium when you are dairy intolerant?

I am getting really frustrated with my local supermarket. If you are dairy intolerant or otherwise adverse, it is advisable to buy a milk alternative that has 100 mg of calcium or more per 100 ml. So why is it that there is not a single variety of non dairy milk with more than 75 mg. hey? It is frustrating!

They used to have this delicious oat milk with Beta Glucan and stacks of calcium. It always sold out. So what, they are just going to take it off the shelves?!? Frustration!

How much calcium do you need?

I have been drinking a mix of almond and coconut milk, but it only has 75 mg per 100 ml, and I probably only drink 200 mg per day. For premenopausal women and men under 70 the RDI of calcium is 1000 mg!

To make matters worse, coffee can increase the amount of calcium you excrete in your urine. Protein as well.

Peak bone mineral density

The problem is that you have a certain amount of calcium stored in your bones and every day you don’t get enough, it is leached from your bones to keep the level adequate in your blood.

As you get older, this can make bone fractures and osteoporosis more likely.


How many cups of coffee do you drink per day? How much calcium do you get per day? The most important time to build your calcium stores is your lifespan before your 30s when your bones are accumulating calcium or you are in positive calcium balance. After this point you start to lose calcium.

I am trying to gradually cut out coffee. I have cut it back to two, sometime three on a work day, but every time I drink it, I think of all the calcium I am losing. I want to cut it back to one per day.

Anyone for a milkshake?

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