Can you drink too much water?

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Can you drink too much water?

If you are feeling a bit unhealthy after all the Christmas and New Year festivities, perhaps you should consider adding tea to your regimin.

It is amazing how drinking so much water in the form of herbal tea can bring out your healthiest self.

You will start to crave salads and vegetables, rather than heavier foods and your more nefarious cravings will vanish, as your body starts to ask for what will make it even healthier.

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Adequately hydrated

I am talking about quantities of tea or water that will keep you completely hydrated through the day. So hydrated in fact, that your thirst response will start working again and water will be the most refreshing beverage in the world!

I drink at least two litres of herbal tea a day, usually more like three litres of tea a day, not including glasses of water in between. I am starting to crave a vegetarian diet and salads to accompany this level of hydration.

From pomegranate or sencha peach tea to chai and lemongrass and ginger, it is such a lovely, relaxing routine.

Make a pot of tea, drink it hot or chilled and repeat. You might find that your most healthy self starts to shine through!

Can you drink too much water?

You might be worried, as I was about drinking too much water of becoming over hydrated, but unless you are an athlete doing copious amounts of exercise and drinking a lot of water in a short amount of time, this is not very likely.

Your kidneys can process about 0.8 – 1 litres of water per hour, if they are healthy and if not you may have some kind of disease or illness.

So, drink! You might be amazed at how your outlook on nutrition improves when you are adequately hydrated!

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