Autumn meal planning – soup and salad and yummy wraps

autumn meal plans - soup and salad

Autumn meal planning – soup and salad and yummy wraps

As far as menus go, I was particularly proud of what I produced today. I designed the menu last night, but it was a few days in the making.


– Mediterranean BBQ chicken, pesto, grated cheese, roasted artichoke and roasted capsicum with rocket wrap.

– Rare roast beef. tzatziki, grated beetroot, tabouleh, cucumber wrap


– Creamy, roasted carrot soup

– Quinoa and spinach salad with a paprika and oregano dressing served with pieces of BBQ chicken


– Mango, berry, cacao and peanut butter smoothie


The carrot soup was particularly delicious. I was very proud of my efforts there.

And the wraps looked amazing. I think they are going to be so tasty. (In fact, I know they will be because I have made the roast beef version at home before, and I brought a pesto chicken wrap home with me – yummmm!)

When I stood back and looked at the fridge that was full of food for the next two days it looked so appetising and abundant.

If you are in Melbourne and would like me to arrange to have your food planned, sourced and prepared each week, do get in touch!

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