An exercise accountability partner opportunity – hell yeah!

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An exercise accountability partner opportunity – hell yeah!

Even now, it is challenging to sit down in front of a computer and work. Even if it is a blog post about something I am passionate about (like finding an opportunity as an exercise accountability partner), talking to people I care about, in my spare time! I was speaking to a friend yesterday about how hard it can be for kids to sit down and be still at a desk for up to six hours a day. And it really resonated with me. For kids who have ADHD it is even harder, but maybe it is just NOT NATURAL to sit in front of a computer and work (especially alone). The conversation reminded me of the little kid in me who just wants to get out and play and chat and be active during my day.

I think that is why I have been enjoying the gym so much. It definitely lifts my mood, but it also just feels good to be moving my body, instead of sitting in front of a computer. No matter how lucrative that kind of work can be. And so, I was so delighted to find, apply for and be accepted for a job as an exercise accountability partner today.

It is only two (or possibly more) hours a week, but what a bonus! Someone is going to pay me to accompany them to, and engage in physical exercise for at least once a week. It seems like the perfect kind of job to me. The client even laughed that she felt like the only way she could build an exercise habit is if she were a support worker, and someone paid her to show up and exercise FOR the better health of someone else. This is the happy situation that I now find myself in. I am being hired as an exercise accountability partner. And life couldn’t look sweeter!

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