An alternative to supermarket shopping – Your Grocer

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An alternative to supermarket shopping – Your Grocer

Have you ever calculated how much money you put into one of the two big supermarkets in Australia over the course of a year? Does it bother you, that these big two have such a monopoly on fresh food?

I am guessing that some people don’t even think about this, but it sure bothers me. There is something about pouring something in the order of $5000 (for a single) a year into a single corporation, who squashes any kind of local competition or innovation that irks me. I would actually like to spend that money supporting local businesses. Especially local businesses that support farmers who engage in sustainable agricultural practices.

Your Grocer

It is so incredibly refreshing to find a service like Your Grocer in metropolitan Melbourne, Australia. Instead of each household getting in their car to go to the grocery store, one entity picks up all the groceries and does one trip to deliver to everyone.

It is convenient. I save exactly an hour each week doing my grocery shopping. And it is so much nicer to get the goods delivered, and simply have to unpack them each week.

Your grocer seeds and nuts

Equitable distribution of funds

This week I have purchased items from two local fruit and vegetable shops, two butchers, one delicatessen and one independent supermarket. It is logistically so much more simple to price check and select from available produce on the web, than walk around to different shops in the neighbourhood.

And yes, I still do buy a small amount of groceries from my big corporate supermarket. I am grateful to Woolworths. They provide excellent quality food that is good value. I can fill a single tote bag with the weeks purchases, on my lunch break. But my total bill at Your Grocer is actually not that much more, than if I bought everything at the supermarket. Also, I am more likely to splurge on healthy cuts of fish or meat, because I see the value of it. Rather than skimping on the poor selection of meats at the supermarket.

Better all round experience

It was an enjoyable, if predictable and mundane adventure to go to the supermarket each week. But to be honest, I prefer the quality of the food with Your Grocer, and I still get to do a little of my own shopping each week.

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