what is your favourite colour at the moment?

stacked orange pumpkins

what is your favourite colour at the moment?

Kimberly Snyder posted a great image on facebook today. She made this pic with images of fruits and vegetables from five different colours I think. It looked amazing, and it made me realise that it is so true what my vegan friend told me a couple of weeks ago.

He said: ‘Sarz, right now your body wants something, a little bit later it might need something else! ‘

I think he was saying that there is not, some concrete defined way of eating.

This morning I was craving orange foods. But I already knew this. Have been so enjoying pumpkin and carrot. But at the end of last year, after I went to ssnt open day, and took those flower remedies, all I wanted was ‘black’ food like mushrooms and licorice, hehe.

So what do you feel like? That is the question?


green lettuce


stacked orange pumpkins


vine ripened tomatoes


cut head of purple cabbage


white onions

and I am going to add


there may be other colours to come!

edible fungi

So what do you feel like ?? Tell me!! 😀

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