happy friday – on the subject of complete proteins

fish on ice

happy friday – on the subject of complete proteins

I am not convinced, by this idea that you could nourish yourself without any form of dense complete protein such as fish or eggs in your diet. And reserving the right to be proved wrong, I will just say that a vegan diet may not be for everyone!

Kimberly Snyder ascertains that you should eat seafood three or less times a week. I see the rationale behind eating seafood over other land animals, since it is digested so much easier than the more dense land meats. Of course there are a whole heap of issues involved in the feeding of land animals, antibiotics and hormones to mention just two, and the fear. I don’t want to be responsible for some kind of slaughter of a thinking feeling animal. However, as mentioned previously, it is debatable whether a fish feels pain, and certainly is not conscious like we or other higher animals are.

fish on iceNot to be flippant about pollution in the ocean or over fishing, but eating fish seems like a good stepping stone to a less meat eating diet, if indeed you ever want to take the next step and remove all animal products from your diet.

I for one, will not be doing anything like that soon, and indeed, far from eating seafood three or less times a week, I will be consuming some form of complete protein at dinner most days of the week, and I will tell you why.

drawing of sleeping womanA friend of me once told me that if you don’t eat a proper dinner, you can’t get to sleep. I have found this to be true on a number of occasions, on a meagre dinner, not being able to fall asleep until you get up and make a poached egg on toast. Then off like a baby!

Last night, I went to bed at maybe 11.30 pm, and couldn’t sleep to well past 12.30. It felt as though my metabolism wouldn’t slow down, and I couldn’t drift off. In the end, I thought, I need a complete protein! What about tryptophan? Have I even had any today? And so, I got up and made a boiled egg on toast. After which I fell asleep within 10 minutes, and it makes me think, that some form of ‘complete’ protein every day is necessary.

diagram of digestive system It is better to eat protein at dinner, I have heard this a few times, from various sources. It is heavier and denser, and if you eat it earlier in the day it blocks up your digestion, because you digest it so slowly. So it is a good idea to eat it at night and give your body a full 8 or so hours to process it before lemon juice and hot water in the morning.

I guess this investigation is ongoing. I know that Kimberly would say that we ‘can say that the brain fog or insomnia or other symptoms are due to not enough protein, but they are just due to ‘transitioning” and while this might be true. I still feel, tentatively, there is a place for both complete proteins and grains in the diet.

I do know of at least two people who don’t eat any animal products whatsoever, no fish, no dairy, no eggs. Both of these people are cheerful and look very well, so perhaps it is something you get used to. It is of ongoing interest 🙂

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