fructose and blood sugar levels

fruit stall in markets in Barcelona

fructose and blood sugar levels

Something jumped out at me from that documentary I was watching last night. Toxic Sugar? in relation to fructose and blood sugar levels. It was the middle of the night. I admit, when it hit me, that perhaps the reason why my blood sugar level has risen in the past year is because these days I eat three pieces of fruit a day.

fruit stall in markets in BarcelonaFruit is filled with fructose, and if you watched the documentary you would have heard about the fact that fructose bypasses the brain’s receptors of satiety or the sense that you are full. Furthermore fructose is the biggest contributor to insulin resistance and high blood sugar levels.

Different ways of eating fruit

They suggested that people eat whole fruit, because if you juice fruit, you get this big hit of fructose that is not satisfying and does not make you feel full.

fruit in artIn response to this, I have three things to say:

1. We are supposed to eat three servings of fruit a day, am I right?

2. If I blend these in a smoothie at the beginning of a day, I am getting all the fibre of the fruit as well as the juice, just in a blended form. Although I am starting to get the feeling that some sources don’t recommend smoothies for this very reason. I don’t eat any other fruit during the day.

3. I tried a sample this morning, of just the dark green spinach and lettuce juice. It certainly didn’t taste as sweet or satisfying as the concoction with and orange, a kiwi and a banana, but it was palatable.

Vegetable based smoothies

What about a spinach / rocket / kale / lettuce smoothie with celery, carrot and parsley instead? Good for the liver!!

Perhaps there are other more vegetable based smoothies, which would be less fruit based, however, I come back to the assertion of three serves of fruit a day, and many more serves of vegetables, which I meet easily. I hope you do too?

I am going to cut out all other sugar and take a liver tonic and then have a blood test in 6 weeks to test whether these smoothies are causing blood sugar spikes that shouldn’t be there.

I hope you are having a good day!! xxo

PS> The other fascinating piece of information from that documentary was that ‘exercise has no effect on BMI or body mass whatsoever’ (go figure!). This deserves it’s own post, but weird! I know that exercise has other health benefits apart from weight loss. And it feels so good! Why wouldn’t you do it? xxo


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