Food Inc – review

Food Inc – review

What an amazing movie, with such insight into the American food supply system! One of my readings today suggested that where food production is concerned, there are no borders, no countries, no states, however in the USA you can be sued for publically disparaging the meat industry. So here in Australia, perhaps it is safe to say that I don’t ever want to eat meat again!

It was a very sobering account of the food production industry, controlled as it is by five or so main companies, and to be honest, the killing of the animals was just the last straw. Their quality of life before they die is so abominable, all crowded and walking in their own faeces and stressed out. Any farmer who tried to show these conditions would lose their contracts and one brave farmer did.

The other awful reality was the permeability of Monsanto genetically modified crops and how in just eight years 90% of soy crops have modified genes, and the way this company brings down any farmer saving seeds.

The best thing that came out of this movie, which I would highly recommend to everyone and anyone is that the consumer has some power. If we choose to buy organic and local and in season, the big companies, such as supermarkets will stock these options, and we will be all much better off.

It even gave an interesting account of the history of McDonalds and how their attitude of cheaper, bigger, faster overtook the whole food industry to leave us where we are today where one in three children will develop early onset diabetes.

It is huge business and these companies have so many lawyers to squash any kind of resistance, however I kept thinking as I was watching it, that there must be a way! Like with the downfall of the tobacco industry. It is up to us peeps!

Please watch it! I have a copy if you want to borrow! Xxo

sorry to write on a Friday afternoon! Have a great weekend! Xxo

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