As the human body is two thirds water, water is one of the most important nutrients in our diet. It is involved in every function of the body, including digestive, absorptive, circulatory and excretory functions, as well as utilisation of water soluble vitamins.

The rule of thumb for water consumption, is, as you probably know, to drink at least 2 L per day, and more if you are exercising. A good way to make sure you get enough water is to put a 2L jug on your desk at work, or line up 8 glasses on the window sill and make sure that it is finished by the end of the day.

Vegetables and fruit contain a lot of available water too, so if you are eating lots of veges and fruit every day, your need for pure water is reduced.

Due to the amount of chemicals and additives to tap water, such as fluoride which is a carcinogenic neurotoxin, and useful when applied topically to teeth, it is preferable to source water from a filtered source such as spring water, or even rain water, if it is available to you.

As the site develops I will provide some sources for Australian sources of healthy water.

Some theorists suggest drinking ‘green water’ which is alkaline water, and helps the body to achieve an alkaline state. Green water is made by adding some chlorophyll liquid to the water you normally drink, and can be very cleansing and refreshing to drink during the day.

The best practice across all the different diets that I have read is to start the day with a cup of hot water with half a lemon squeezed into it. This will help to clean your liver and extend the detoxification process that your body goes through during your sleeping hours.

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