would you like some enzymes with that?

digestive enzyme cascade reactions

would you like some enzymes with that?

Enzymes are really interesting. What are they? To my knowledge enzymes are things that help reactions in the body along. Remember in chemistry when you would have a reaction from say A to B, and an enzyme would interact to help the reaction along?

enzyme activity and temperature

My parents asked, what is an enzyme made of? And the web says that all known enzymes are proteins, made up principally of amino acids linked by peptide bonds. enzyme structure in function

digestive enzyme cascade reactionsSo enzymes are VERY interesting, because your body has a store of them, and as you get older you use more and more of these enzymes, and the process is ageing, for example grey hair, can be a result of a reduction in the ‘store’ of enzymes.

Yesterday I read that someone else on this diet I am on, had some grey hairs which vanished after some time on the Beauty Detox Solution. Which is undoubtedly cool, but I guess I wanted to share my thoughts on why eating lots of raw plant food can increase your store of enzymes.

The point is there is lots of enzymes in raw plant food. Not so much, once it has been cooked, because the cooking process kills the enzymes, so if you were to eat a lot of raw food, you would provide your body with all the enzymes it needs, so that it doesn’t need to rely on the enzyme store in the body.

list of major digestive enzymes

That is why the more enzymes you can get in your food from things like enzyme salad, or various other means that I will endeavour to share with you, you actually grow younger! hehe

I guess I just can’t get over how beautiful my hair feels in my fingers, and how lovely my skin is to look at, but also to touch. It is a really nice way to be inside your body, and I think that so much raw leafy greens every day is really helping this along.

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