The pantry management solution that helps you eat tasty, healthy food every week, without hours of planning.


Join dozens of local households for a meal planning service guaranteed to reduce the hassle of serving healthy, tasty meals.

Does any of this sound familiar?

You want to eat healthy, tasty, easy meals every day, but you are tired of the effort involved in deciding and planning what to cook, not to mention shopping and meal preparation. 

You are sick of the same old meals and want to try something different.

You’re ordering too much UberEats, and you are not sure if you and your family are eating the kind of food that will result in a long, healthy life, free of chronic disease. 

Are you just plain OVER it?

Let me tell you, you are not alone!

Eating healthy, delicious food every week isn’t easy.

So many professional households like yours find the time that it takes them to plan, prepare and shop on top of everything else in their lives a real challenge.

You’ve been told that eating a healthy, delicious diet is complicated, expensive and time-consuming.

But that’s not true…

What you really need is a plan for easy, tasty, healthy meals and support to make it really easy to bring these to your table every week.

I know, because I’ve done this for myself and provided results for countless other busy professionals just like you to do the same.

“I knew that I wanted to eat healthy food, but I wasn’t really sure how to find easy meals that would promote longevity and I didn’t want to spend hours searching for recipes, planning shopping lists and shopping for ingredients.” – Sienna, Melbourne

Imagine getting an email on Thursday afternoon asking you to choose from a range of appetising meal options for the coming week, and then receiving a carefully organised shopping list for everything you need, or if you wish getting the shopping delivered directly to your door, or even brought in and put away.

What would your week look like if you only had to cook every second night, and had no waste leftover in your fridge at the end of the week? No more wondering what to cook. My Health Zest will take the guesswork out of meal planning and the hassle out of meal prep. We can support you the whole way.

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My Health Zest – Meal planning and pantry service

A weekly meal planning service that will plan healthy, easy, tasty meal plans, without you spending hours planning, even if you have tried to plan healthy meals before.

Join now from $58 $29 per week

“When I came to My Health Zest, I was sick to death of working out what to cook every night. Sarah took the time to learn about my family’s needs, and gave us plenty of choice in our meal plans, but then took all the hassle out of planning family meals. I cook less now than when I did before My Health Zest, but we are never bored with our meals, and I can feel the difference that consistently eating healthy food makes to our lives.” – Fiona, North Melbourne

When you join My Health Zest you will save time and your sanity, while learning how to cook and eat for optimum, long term health. You will start the week armed with a fresh, meal plan full of tasty, easy, healthy meals. And you will enjoy the taste of curated seasonal recipes.

Here’s what you will get:

  • A customised menu of healthy, tasty recipes to choose from, to remove the time and hassle of searching for and planning recipes 

  • A customised meal plan to make organising your weekly meals a breeze


  • An itemised shopping list with everything you need for your household’s serving sizes to save time and money while food shopping and significantly reduce wasted food.

Value: $80

BONUS #1: Value $60

Half-hour discovery call to get clear on your biggest challenges and learn how to best develop a meal plan to suit your household.

BONUS #2: Value $27

Option of getting full nutritional information of every meal and also the capacity to see your nutritional composition daily and over the week.

BONUS #3: Value $27

Individual recipe files are sent via email so that you can easily refer back to your favourite recipes.

Total value = $194

Your investment = from $58 $29

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This offer is valid until July 21 and only for the first ten people to sign up.

Finally, a meal planning service that offers you the right amount of choice and variety, with curated and tested recipes, and organisation without having to spend hours of time finding and planning recipes and shopping lists. . . even if you have tried every meal plan out there and they weren’t tasty or flexible enough.

“If I hadn’t signed up for Health Zest My Pantry Service I would have still been spending hours each week shopping for food, or alternatively ordering Ubereats and knowing that it wasn’t the best for my health or my family’s health. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend an extra fee to have someone plan healthy meals for me each week, but I actually saved money because My Healthy Pantry was so efficient. There was no waste and I enjoyed the tasty meals, which are easy to cook too!” – Erin, Fitzroy North

Hi, I’m Sarah and for the last year, I have been helping busy professionals in Melbourne find new delicious and healthy vegetarian meals by curating seasonal recipes and providing meal plans and recipes that are easy to prepare and improve long term health outcomes.

In fact, in this year alone, I have helped time-poor households to get these results:

 – discover exciting new recipes to add to their cooking repertoire 

 – make it easier to eat in a way that will reduce long-term chronic disease

But it wasn’t always this way.

I used to struggle with deciding and planning healthy food for the week and tried 12WBT and low-carb diets, and it wasn’t until I cracked the code with easy, tasty vegetarian recipes that everything changed.

I’ve since gone on to eat exclusively vegetarian meals at home, and I feel so much lighter and healthier. My cravings have vanished, I have lost weight, and I feel so happy to be eating in a way that both reduces the risk of illnesses such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease and cancer while being kind to animals and doing my bit to reduce my carbon footprint.

That’s why I am so passionate about helping you achieve a healthier diet through the power of curated and customised meal planning.

This is for you if. . . 

  • You are a busy professional who is interested in eating more vegetarian food

  • You are mindful of how you eat today can impact on your long term health

  • You are looking for a solution that will save you time and the hassle of decision making and research

  • You are ready to try something different

This is NOT for you if. . . 

  • You are dedicated to eating meat most meals of the week

  • You don’t care about the impact on your diet and long term health

  • You don’t care about cruelty to animals and environmental sustainability

One payment of $47  


This offer is available until the end of September and for the first five sign-ups

We are so confident that you will love the My Health Zest program that we offer a happiness guarantee 14 days money-back guarantee. Try it out and you can get your money back if you aren’t 100 % satisfied. 

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Do I have to cook every night?

Absolutely not! You can choose to cook once a week, twice a week, every second night or every night – as it suits you. The meal plan will have the flexibility to work with you. And the best part is, you will often have left overs so you can take some nights off and just re-heat and serve!

Do I have to cook every night?

Absolutely not! You can choose to cook once a week, twice a week, every second night or every night – as it suits you. The meal plan will have the flexibility to work with you. And the best part is, you will often have left overs so you can take some nights off and just re-heat and serve!