Health and adventures in the city

the doglets in the mangroves

Health and adventures in the city

What do you think about the differences between healthy attitudes and behaviours in the city compared to the country? A lot more people smoke cigarettes here. I think it is true that on the coast, you hardly see anyone smoking, but here in Melbourne, every second person has a cigarette.

I guess on the coast, surrounded by nature, clear, fresh water, birds and sunshine, it is easy to get inspired about health. For us that live in the city though, we can always get a dose of nature. Take a weekend day trip out to the Dandenongs or Hepburn Springs?

I have been on a few nice nature walks nearby, it is nice to be in nature. I am kind of waiting for some lightning bolt of motivation out of the blue, but I don’t think it is going to happen.

‘Start as you mean to go on’. My kitchen is starting to feel more like home and the wonderful thing about the city is the diversity of exercise options that are available.

ricotta hotcakes - sep 2015

It would be lovely if you could be an endless food adventurer in the city. There is so much to explore, but as delicious as restaurant food is, it is kind of unhealthy and fattening, which kind of defeats the purpose, but, this is the way of the world, aye.

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