body composition, body mass and weight loss

tape measure for measuring body composition

body composition, body mass and weight loss

People have been commenting that I look great in the past week or so. I think it is common that other people notice before you do that you have lost weight, even if those numbers on the scales are definitely heading in the right direction.

Is sustainable weight loss possible?

I always thought that if I wanted to practice as a nutritionist, I would need a fail safe, sustainable and sensible, sure fire way to lose weight. It is a huge problem in our society, and it is part of the self confidence of a skill set, that you need to have solutions for people for a variety of eating challenges. As you know, I followed a plant based diet for a while, and while it did work, it was far from sustainable. I was always lost for ideas for what to eat, and it was impossible to eat out. So it is with great satisfaction, that I have found a rational and sustainable method for losing weight.

Self monitoring

calorie counting screen from calorie king

From Calorie King Australia

It turns out it is not rocket science, but self monitoring is the key to success. I eat about 300 calories less per day than is needed to maintain weight at the same level for my age and activity level – approximately 1800 calories. The percentage daily intake system, that you see on the front of packaging is based on a 2000 calorie diet, so I am eating approximately 500 calories less than this per day.

Consistent weight loss

weight loss scalesIt is so rational! Not every day, is weight loss, but every week! The numbers on the scale are heading in a downward direction, they don’t go up. You have to be exceptionally patient. I am giving myself three to six months to lose weight. It is a long term endeavour. And once you get into the habit of exercising every single day, boy do I look forward to it. On the days that I do lose another kilogram, it is enough to make me want to jump up and do my 30 minute interval run around the oval or lake. It feels good! It works, and it is incredibly satisfying.

Body composition

tape measure for measuring body composition

the other metric

The topic of this post is body composition, and this is what I wanted to talk about. Even though I have only lost three kilograms, in this set, and actually 10 kg since I started counting at the start of the year, I have lost a huge 13 cm around my waist. 13 cm!! Can you believe that? In a little over three weeks? I keep looking at the measuring tape, every time I check in to calorie king australia, in disbelief.

It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen!

So, it is not all about the number on the scales at all. If you eat a low fat, low calorie diet, with adequate carbohydrates, and exercise for 30 minutes every day, you will lose weight in the places you want to lose it most. And for the most part, people are noticing this before I am. I have been told that my face and neck look slimmer, I have been asked: ‘what have you been doing? You look great!’ and it is a wonderful feeling. I can’t even begin to imagine what I am going to feel like when I get closer to my goal weight!

It takes a bit of patience and industriousness to continue to count calories each day, but it is fun! Even Dr Karl from the science show said on Triple J recently. ‘Don’t buy into these fad diets. You just need to eat less and exercise more!’ Of course we all cut corners and underestimate what we are eating until we write it down! So self monitoring is very important.

Loving it!! I hope that if you are on a similar mission, that my words will help you find the way out of fad dieting. Cheers! xxo

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