summer fruit is here! peaches and nectarines

lemons, bananas, nectarines, peaches a tomato in fruit bowls

summer fruit is here! peaches and nectarines

Doesn’t it make your mouth water just to think of the words peaches and nectarines? How delicious! Too nice to mix into a green smoothie!

It is early, but these fruits have come out at the fruit and vege store, and they are Australian grown. I am so excited!

peaches, nectarines and an apple

summer fruits – nectarines and peaches

The best season of all for fruit is almost upon us. All those delicious flavours 🙂

Apples are well and truly out of season. I was getting the last of the sundowner apples in spring, but they are finished now, and we are moving into the territory of the gorgeous stone fruit and summer fruit 🙂

We have locally grown tomatoes on the shelves too, and perhaps they have been grown in a greenhouse, but all this is to come! Tomatoes taste so crappy during the winter, but in season, they are going to be lush. It is time to search high and low for recipes to take advantage of the season.

It is not the best time of year for lemons, and they are getting quite expensive. When you eat 10 lemons a week, it adds up!

lemons, bananas, nectarines, peaches a tomato in fruit bowls

changing of the seasons – spring / summer fruit bowl

Where do you get your fruit and vegetables from?

It must be one of the most delightful things in the world, to have a great fruit and vegetable shop, with so much colour, and if you are lucky, locally grown produce!

And summer fruit makes breakfast such a delicious undertaking. I am going to eat a peach or nectarine while I am making a green smoothie with spring pineapple. It has been great to have pineapple come into season, it really is so delicious. And really too tasty to put into a smoothie, either.

In homage of summer, maybe breakfast could be a fruit salad with a green smoothie on the side. It is so invigorating! Happy days 🙂


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